Writing for the Web


As the final stage of my Writing for the Web course, please consider the following posts for grading:

  1. The Most Important Meal of the Day
    1. SEO strategy: breakfast, healthy, meals, most important meal of the day, nutrition
  2. Best Kitchen Tools for Bodybuilders
    1. SEO strategy: cooking, bodybuilding, bodybuilders, kitchen tools, shopping, kitchen appliances, eating
  3. Product Review: Optimum Nutrition’s AmiN.O. Energy
    1. SEO strategy: Optimum Nutrition, AmiN.O. Energy, ON, naturally flavored, AmiN.O. Energy Natural, BCAAs, muscle recovery
  4. Understanding Nutrition Claims
    1. SEO strategy: nutrition claims, eating, health, nutrition, nutrition labels, reading nutrition labels

About the author

Ashleigh Atkinson completed her Bachelors of Physical Education from Brock University and then her Masters in Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor. Since, she has built a career in the health and fitness industry through various facets.

A health promotion specialist by day, Ashleigh spends her evenings and weekends as a freelance writer and editor within the fitness and bodybuilding world. Additionally, along with her husband, she founded Iron Forged Fitness, an online coaching business to help people achieve their personal physique goals. From weight loss, to metabolic repair, and stepping on a competitive bodybuilding stage, their clientele appreciates their knowledge and passion for all things fitness-related.

Ashleigh enjoys sharing her knowledge, using this blog space as an avenue to do so. Happy, healthy reading!