Fun Things for Friday

Finalllyyyyy Friday, welcome back!


Because Kyle was out of town last weekend, we’re extra excited to have a weekend together at home. We’ve planned to be home for a couple of weekends in a row before the travelling starts up again – somewhat relaxing, but also time to get things checked off the “to do” lists.

To start the weekend off on the right foot, here are some great things that I love and you might too!

  1. Reading for fun!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love to spend time reading some trashy books. I read and re-read the Shopaholic series so many times that when I saw the newest edition, I was obligated to get it. It fit in really well with the previous books and was a fun way to pass a couple evenings.


2. MAC eye shadow

While I’m definitely not overly girly, I have always loved makeup and rarely leave the house without it on (at least Monday – Friday, the weekends are a crap shoot). I recently dug Seedy Pearl out of the bottom of my makeup bag and have fallen in love with it again – it’s the perfect base color. Shale is another favorite for contouring in the crease, or as an all-over color if I’m looking for a smokier look.



3. Kirkland Almond Butter

I was 150% a devoted peanut butter fan. I tried an almond butter and couldn’t really get on board with it at all. Butttt, then we bought the Kirkland brand from Costco and I’ve now completely abandoned PB and can’t get enough almond butter.  If you like almond butter, try this one. If you don’t like almond butter, try this one and you suddenly will.


4. Tim Horton’s Timbits & other donut fun

When TH released the salted caramel and cinnamon french toast timbits, I was overly excited. Among all the hype with the Oreo and then the Reese’s donut (which seems to have been a fail), I was happy to have some fun, new non-chocolate options. The cinnamon french toast is less impressive, but the salted caramel is AMAZING! I’m just hoping they become a permanent menu item.

I can only vouch for the timbits at this point... but the sticky bun MUST be great too.

I can only vouch for the timbits at this point… but the sticky bun MUST be great too.

Thanks to shares on Facebook, this ad was brought to my attention yesterday:


How great is that? Timbit poutine – very Canadian.  Unfortunately, this is only happening at the CNE in Toronto so everyone who exists outside that bubble will just have to make their own at home. You can bet the salted caramel timbits will be the base of mine!  The thing I’m more upset about is that they’re also featuring these timbits at the CNE – cotton candy and cola. I would wait in line to try those…

A review said the Cola timbits taste like the coke bottle candies, which I've always loved. Sold!

A review said the Cola timbits taste like the coke bottle candies, which I’ve always loved. Sold!

And, to round it all out, this great quote that made me stop, think, and appreciate the lessons some mistakes taught me a little bit more.


Happy Friday & enjoy your weekend!!


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