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TGIF! The week flew by, as new release week usually does. A few extra classes this week, along with the need to frequently review choreography meant I had zero free time… meaning no time to blog! New release week is always fun because I get to teach at different clubs with other instructors, but I’m always a little relieved when it’s done – it’s exhausting!

I figured there was no better way to celebrate the end of the week than highlighting some great items.  Happy Friday!

  • New Winter Boots

I felt like a responsible adult ordering REAL winter boots. I can`t even remember the last time I owned actual winter boots… grade school? A friend was wearing these really stylish boots and I asked where they were from, and was shocked to hear they were Sorel! Who knew winter boots got a style upgrade? We actually got some snow here one week, and I didn’t want to keep ruining my casual boots and shoes with salt stains. Plus, I have a longer walk into the office now, and wet / frozen feet aren’t the best way to start a long day. So, I accepted the price tag and ordered these:

Who would even guess that these were Sorel??

Who would even guess that these were Sorel??

Of course the snow had melted by the time they arrived, but we’ve since gotten more and the boots have passed the test. They look good (I can keep them on all day with the right outfit at work), my feet were dry and warm, and I wasn’t slipping on the slushy sidewalks. PS – Kyle didn’t even know what Sorels were… isn’t that common knowledge for Canadians? Or just Canadians who grew up further north?

  • O’Keefe’s cream

Credit given to my mom for introducing this cream to me. I’ve always had really dry skin, and the winter weather obviously doesn’t help it. Over the holidays, my mom told me she found really good cream… at Home Depot! We had a good laugh, but she gave us a small container of it and that was enough to convince us to buy it. If you have dry skin at all – get it!


I strongly dislike the dentist and am a people-pleaser. So, when the hygienist asked if I was interested in buying an electric toothbrush because it could alleviate the fact that I don’t floss (seriously, do people really floss regularly?) I agreed for two reasons. 1. I felt guilty for never flossing and thought buying one would compensate for that (and please the hygienist), and 2. Saying yes seemed easier than no… Anyhow, it sat in our bathroom drawer, unopened, for months. I finally opened it, charged it, and both Kyle and I are so happy with it. We both agree that our teeth feel noticeably cleaner with it versus regular brushing. Bonus – I’m not sure if all dentists are the same, but I was able to purchase mine at wholesale cost through my dental office… worth asking about!


  • Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Graham Crackers

After all the responsible items above, I figured something fun was required. Maybe they’re for kids, but I don’t really care because they’re so good. I put a few in my Greek yogurt / protein mixture for an added sweet flavour and texture. There are a variety of other flavours in the “graham” department – Strawberry Shortcake and French Toast were good too, but those involve a trip across the border.

My favorite dessert (which I eat daily) - casein protein mixed with Greek yogurt and topped with Goldfish. And pink sprinkles, just because they're fun.

My favorite dessert (which I eat daily) – casein protein mixed with Greek yogurt and topped with Goldfish. And pink sprinkles, just because they’re fun.

  • Leg warmers

I mentioned this on Instagram the other day… but I’m currently obsessed with leg warmers as part of my workout clothing! I love the look of them with leggings, and in the cold weather they help add some extra warmth. I had been on a hunt for some, and managed to find a huge selection at Ardene. The collection will grow so I have plenty of coordinating options for all my leggings 😉


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