Things I’m loving and my decision

The decision has been officially made – contest prep has started! Last week went really well and something clicked in my head, letting me know that it was a good decision to enter another show. Six weeks to go, and my plan is amazing! I’m so excited for the switches to my diet and training from last prep, we’re coming at it from a totally different perspective and I think it’s going to be rewarding. Let’s go!!  If you need me, I’ll be at the gym, eating, or sleeping!

6 weeks / 40 days / 950 hours to the stage... but who's counting?

6 weeks / 40 days / 950 hours to the stage… but who’s counting?

Now, for the fun stuff – here’s a new list of some stuff I’m enjoying at the moment.  It’s an incredibly random list of stuff, as usual.

Inglehoffer mustard – Sweet Hot Pepper. This has been a really good change from just straight hot sauce (although I will never ditch Franks).  It’s my favorite on chicken and rice at the moment.


Pet medical ID pictures. I wasn’t aware that vets were getting so high tech until Kyle came home with these photo ID cards for the puppies. I thought Lulu was the only one getting one due to her medical condition, but Joe is also a proud owner.  But really, Lulu’s picture??  We got wallet cards AND key chain cards – which I definitely look at when I need a laugh. She looks like a confused / depressed Yoda.

Pet medical technology has progressed!

Pet medical technology has progressed!

H&M oversize sheer tanks. I LIVE in these. They’re cute, comfortable, come in tons of colours, and are SUPER CHEAP (I think $7 a top). You can’t go wrong. Just go buy some – sorry, no pics of these.

Chapman’s no sugar added PB crunch ice cream. I don’t know what happened, but I’ve never really been a big ice cream fanatic until recently (I’d blame Kyle, but that seems mean). This ice cream is great because it’s peanut butter AND causes slightly less guilt with no added sugar.

It's not healthy, but it's the closest I can find...and it's peanut butter!

It’s not healthy, but it’s the closest I can find…and it’s peanut butter!

Training sessions with a pro. We had the opportunity to attend a seminar / training session with Nicole Wilkins, the Figure pro (3x Olympia champ).  She put us through a bootcamp style workout and then had an open Q&A session for just over an hour. She’s very down to earth, and super kind – leaving plenty of time to allow everyone to get a picture with her. If you ever have the chance to attend a seminar with anyone who is successful in your field of interest – TAKE IT.  You can learn so much from them!

Had a great time (as usual) at Nicole's seminar.

Had a great time (as usual) at Nicole’s seminar.

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