Back to the grind… kind of

Getting back to work after a vacation or a holiday break is an adjustment – setting an alarm, packing meals, not napping in the afternoon. But, in my typical Type A response, it was somewhat of a relief. I truly love being on a schedule, being productive, and of course, having all those people to socialize with. This structure didn’t last long.

Day two of the week has us working from home (something that never happens) due to a broken boiler at work during a rare deep freeze in the city. How cold is it? Reports were saying that it was around -38 with the wind chill…Which is obviously why our water pipes froze and we have no water at our “house”. These temperatures are supposed to last the next couple of days, so we need to plan how to deal with the lack of water. Kyle was on the ball this morning when he went to the gym and took all our big water bottles with him to fill, which we used to make oatmeal and brush our teeth. We’ll buy a few giant bottles of water to cook with, and will shower at the gym after our workout in the morning. And, keep hoping that none of the pipes crack in the meantime. Winter can end now! Did I mention we get possession of our house in 25 days…. but who’s counting?

In addition to getting back to work, I FINALLY got back to the gym tonight. Over the two weeks of holidays, I took a total of nine days off due to a cold and then the flu. I’m pretty much done with illness for the year, so I learned my lesson and took a few extra days off to avoid stressing my immune system again. I’m still congested, so there was no way I could do my cardio classes right now, but I was getting panicked about being out of the weight room for so long.

Honestly, it was TOUGH to get motivated to get back at it! I love the gym, training, and my training partner (obviously), but after settling into this pattern of laziness (i.e. being sick and not leaving the house), the thought of getting back to the gym was taxing. I knew that once I got to the gym, everything would fall into place – but getting there was the hard part! What helped? Loading a great playlist, picking out fun gym clothes (I know, I’m such a girl), and ignoring the negative thoughts. I focused on the routine of getting ready – packing my bag and preparing my pre & post workout drinks – and talking about our game plan for the workout. It helped that I have a training partner to hold me accountable, and that it was back day – my favorite. So, when you’re having trouble getting motivated, if it’s because you’re tired, the weather is bad, or because you’ve been off for awhile, try to focus on the fun aspects and ignore any negatives! Also, in keeping with trying to be smart and not get sick again, I made sure to go a little easier than normal… for most of the workout  😉

On an unrelated note, I tried to do something nice for Moxie, the psycho cat, but it went unappreciated… our bedroom is FREEZING due to it being over the porch and poorly insulated (somehow the giant furnace in the living room doesn’t seem to impact the bedroom, even in 300 sq ft). So, I made Moxie a bed in the living room out of a laundry basket and a blanket… which apparently doesn’t meet her standards as she opts to sleep on the coffee table instead. And yes, she always looks that mad.  Whatever. You’re welcome, Mox.


About Ashleigh

I'm passionate about health and fitness. I work as a Health Promotion Specialist, a group fitness instructor, and also a coach for physique competitors / weight loss clients. I grew up as a competitive athlete, and have continued with this passion as a Women's Physique competitor. Research and writing is another interest of mine, which I use to share my knowledge with the general public.
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